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Machete Hard Enduro

Wade Young dominates in the Dominican jungle

Wade Young dominates in the Dominican jungle

The victor of this year’s Machete Hard Enduro is Wade Young . The legend Graham Jarvis and the young Manuel Lettenbichler accompanied him on the podium. Day two of the race was an exhibition of Jarvis with a spectacular comeback. 150 pilots from 12 countries participated in the Dominican test
that is already looking at its 2019 edition.

Machete Hard Enduro saw the South African Sherco driver, Wade Young, as the top dominator in the three-day race. Young prevailed in the race on Saturday, which left from the beach, as well as the test on Sunday, which finished in the middle of the jungle. Machete was a struggle of the pilot against the terrain conditions and also against the heat and humidity. In the two days of jungle racing the pilots experienced more than 35 degrees heat and over 90% humidity. After Young.
The the Husqvarna rider from Great Britain, Graham Jarvis, placed a close second and the very young German KTM driver, Manuel Lettenbichler, third.

However, the second day of the race, the protagonist was none other than ‘Sir hard enduro’, Graham Jarvis. With a comeback from behind, the Husqvarna rider finished with all other riders behind him. At the finish line, Jarvis surpassed Wade Young in two minutes, but the second position of Young guaranteed his definitive victory. The third position on Sunday was for Lettenbichler, who out-raced the American, recently proclaimed SuperEnduro World Champion, Cody Webb.

Machete Hard Enduro is the most important international motorcycle event in the Caribbean and is the most important test of its kind in America. In 2018, it has been contested by the six best hard enduro riders in the world and by more than 150 riders from 12 countries. Without doubt, it is a test with a promising future that will bring surprises in the 2019 edition. Now we just have to wait to see who will be the
winner of Machete next year …


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